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Laos and Thai languages seem to be similar, but they are actually different. Though most Laotian could understand the spoken language of Thai or even speak the Thai language, most of the Thai people who live out of the Isan part do not understand the Lao language. Laos and Thai characters are also

Event for Lao New Year 2562 in Luang Prabang The World Heritage City

Besides the procession of a ceremony to pray for a new year of Luck and health and happiness, New year the best time for the travelers and locals to chill out together, one of them is the water festival, Beer Laos festival vv...

Laos Language

LAOS or LAO? - Get ready to be more friendly with local by learning some Laos basic phrases with a clip in English - Laos Language

Laos Festivals

In Laos, there is an official nationwide midnight curfew: another sign of it being ruled by a ‘communist' government. In practice, this is not enforced on the people but more on businesses.

Luang Prabang Festivals

Among thousand festivals in Luang Prabang which is held by more than 400 minority groups of people, but the most famous and common ones are The New Year Festival "Luang Prabang Water Festival", Festival of Light, Boat racing festival, etc.