Kuang si waterfall

Kuang si waterfall

Culture Of Laos 

Laos culture is influenced by the Theravada Buddhism. This influence is reflected in the language and art, literature and performance of Laos. The location, which have high feature of historical, is Field of Jars in Xieng Khouang province.Culture Of Laos, Hmong Girls in New Year

Laos and Thai languages seem to be similar, but they are actually different. Though most of Laotian could understand spoken language of Thai or even speak Thai language, most of the Thai people who live out of Isan part do not understand Lao language. Laos and Thai characters are also different. In general, there are little number of Thai people who could read Laos language. The common part between Laos and Thai language is the main part of nouns are the same, but the verbs and adjectives are different. Besides, Laos does not have the suffixes of male or female like Thai language.

Laos festival

Festival in Laos is called Bun. The meaning of Bun is “blessing”. “Giving Bun” means doing good things in the hope to be blessed in the future. Like Laos architectureother countries in South East Asia, there are two parts in festival of Laos: ceremony and festival. Laos is the country of festival, there are festivals in every month of the year.

Laos cuisine

Laos’ cuisine is a bit alike the other neighboring countries of Cambodia and Thailand, which is hot, sour and sweet. However, the cuisine of Laos is precise and unique.

Laos architecture

The architecture and decoration of Laos is the most typical features of Laos. The multi-roof pagodas of Laos are precise and unique with the attractive figures and patterns.

Laos religion

Laos culture has some similarities with Thailand, which is the culture of Buddhism. Buddhism has been striking on the Laotian’s mind. It is reflected in the Morning Alms Givinglanguage and arts of the unique Laos nation.

Laos music

Laos used the musical instrument of Khaen. The bands often use Khaen (mor Khaen) along with the Laos guitar. The most popular musical instrument of Laos is Lam saravane. Laotian in Thailand has developed a kind of instrument called “more lam sing”.

Laos traditional costume

Sinh is a large tube dress, which could be dressed by women in various ways. Sinh is made from silk, cotton, or thread and cotton with sophisticated embroidery or lace. Laotian focus on the structure and design of the dress. The most sophisticated part is the foot part of dress. Traditional dress of Laos is representative of women in Laos. It is the beauty and charm of women, which is suitable for tradition. Tailoring the Laos dress is the art in Laos, and it is done by the Laos women since the young age.

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