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Customs and Immigration: A valid transit, tourist visit, business, diplomatic, or service visa is required. All foreigners may enter and depart Laos via Wattay Airport, or Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, the Mekong border crossing with Nongkai, Thailand.

A visa can now be obtained upon arrival at the airport and other official entry points. However, certain regulations are applied.

Climate and Clothing: Light-weight washable cotton or cotton-blend clothes are suitable. A sweater or coat is needed for the winter and in upland areas.

Transportation: Public transportation is by bus, taxi and samlo (rickshaw). There are both metered and unmetered taxis. No railroad is available in Laos. Lao Aviation, Thai Airways International, Cambodia and Vietnam Airlines connect Wattay Airport of Vientiane to Bangkok, Yangon, Hanoi, Hochiminh City, Phnompenh and Kunming of China. Domestic flights shuttle daily between Lao cities. Mittaphab Bridge across the Mekong to Thailand opened in early 1994.

Health: Medical and dental facilities are mostly operated by the government. Private clinics and pharmacies are available in the major cities. The International Clinic is operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, to accommodate foreigners and diplomats. Medicines from France, USA, Russia, Thailand and China are widely available in most pharmacies.

Currency: Local currency is called Kip. One USD is worth approximately 8,000 kip (2012). Money can be exchanged at banks, authorized shops, or hotels. Exchange rates fluctuate every day, though fluctuation is tiny.

Banks: Banque pour le Commerce Exterier Lao, Sethathirath Bank, Nakornluang Bank, Joint Development Bank, and Thai branch banks.

Traveler’s Checks and credit cards can be used at major banks, some hotels, restaurants and shops.

Electricity: 220 volts at 50 HZ

Major Events and Traditional Festivals

- 1 January
- 13-15 April
- 1 May
- End of May
- Mid-October 
- Beginning of November    
- 2 December
New Year
Lap New Year (Pimai)
International Labor Day
Rocket Festival
End of Buddhist Lent & Boat Races      
That Luang Festival 
Lao’s National Day.

Laos telecom and popup card

Laos Telecome is the natonal company
  • Check phone number                           *110# call
  • Check balance                                      *122# call
  • Add money                                          *121*code #call
  • Assistance:     call 101   
  • Data package for net SIM (For internet)
  • Package code 5                                 
5,000 kip for 1 GB/24 hours               *131*5# call
  • Package code 10
10,000 kip for 1.5 GB/7days               *131*10# call
  • Package code 6
50,000 kip for 5GB/30days
Check data *123# call                         *131*6# call
Unitel company
  • Check phone number                            *110# call
  • Check balance                                       *122# call
  • Add money                                           *121*code #call
  • Assistance:    call 109
  • Data package for net SIM
  • LTU5 package
5,000 kip for 1,024 MB/24hours            *209*21# call
  • HOIYIM package
10,000 kip for 2,000 MB/5days               *209*22# call
  • CHAIDEE package
10,000 kip for 1,500 MB/7days               *209*23# call
  • LTA package  
10,000 kip for 4,000 MB/3days                  *209*33# call
  • LTU50 package
50,000 kip for 5,120 MB/30days                  *209*24# call
  • LTU120 package
120,000 kip for 12,288 MB/30days             *209*25# call
  • LT30 package        
200,000 kip for 30,000 MB/30days              *209*32# call
  • 4GU30 package
300,000 kip for non-stop/30days                 *209*28# call

  • Check phone number *110# call
  • Check balance *122# call
  • Add money  *121*code #call
  • Assistance call 123
  • Data package for net SIM
  • 5,000 kip for 2,000 MB/24 hours         Type N5 send  to 234
  • 10,000 kip for 3,000 MB/7days            Type N10 send  to 234
  • 50,000 kip for 10,000 MB/30days        Type N50 send  to 234
  • Unsubscribe :                                  Type Der  “Code”  and send to 234   
  • Check data:                                     Type  C send to 234
  • Check phone number *110# call
  • Check balance *122# call
  • Add money  *121*code #call
  • Assistance call 135
  • Data package