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Full day slow boat to Pak ou cave and City tour

07:30 - 08:15am you will be picked up by our tour guide and driver with this 10 minute we arrive the port to get on the slow boat to the cave
Pak ou cave
08:30am Start cruising upstream along the Mekong river to in the minimum capacity. this time you will have chance to enjoying the scenery and daily life on both side of the river, in a bout 1.5 hour the boat will port at Ban Xiang Hai where you will learn about how the local people make the most famous Lao Lao wine and Hmong's Colorful Craft and clothes are also made here.
After visting the Whisky village and weaving village we get back to the boat to continue a 30 minutes to visit Pak ou cave. the cave with more than 4000 status of Budha, dating from more than 300 years in size and shape by the Lao people at night sailing to hide the enemy to hide the Buddha when the capital Luang Prabang foreign invasion.
Before, the king annually visits the grotto on Pimay (Lao New Year) and spend the night in a royal temple at Pak Ou. People also rushed from Luang Prabang from Mae Nam Kong to Pak Ou pilgrimage, with a ritual of perfumed bathing Buddha.
From the lower cave up to about 200 stairs with thousands of Buddha statues, the statue is intact, the statue has chipped. There are huge Buddha statues,Luang Prabang City Tour and there are also very small Buddha statues scattered throughout the temple
After visiting the lower cave (Tam ting) and taking picture of the river from the uper cave (Tam Phum) we get down the the boat to cruise back to Luang Prabang city, the way back will be faster 
12:30 Arrive Luang Prabang habor, we will have lunch in a local restaurant 

13:00 Start the visit to our world heritage city with the following places:
-  Wat Mai 
-  The Royal Palace Museum  
- The Wat Choumkhong 
-  The Wat Xieng Muan 
-  Wat Xieng Thong 
-  Wat Wisunalat
-  Wat Kili 
-  Wat Sibounheuang 

to finish the tour is to visit Wat Sen soukaram (Wat Sen) 

Tour included:
- Tour guide
- Lunch
- Bottle of water
- Boat fee
- Entrance fee

Tour excluded:
- Tip for tour guide
- Drinks

Luang Prabang City Tour, Pak ou cave,

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