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Luang Prabang City Temples And Kuang Si Waterfall Tour

8:00AM: Being picked up from your hotel or our Laos Group Tours office in the old quater then taking the Electric car for the tour to the nearby morningLaos, Luang Prabang Laos City Temple Tour market very Luang Prabang Museum, Luang Prabang City Tourpopular for fresh vegetable, fish from the Mekong River, medicinal plant and other curiosity. From there cross: – The Wat MaiSuwannaphumaram Monastery built in late 18th century founded by King Anurat (r. 1795-1817) in 1796 and restored in 1821 by the King Manthatourat. Walk to: – The Royal Palace Museum called as Haw Kham the Golden Hall, builds between 1904-1909 blend of Laotian and French Beaux Arts architectural as the new official royal residence for the monarchs of Luang Prabang and converted into a Museum in 1976.

Discover the Colonial Architecture, on the way to the Wat Xieng Thong one of the most beautiful temple in the town. –Wat Xieng Thong Ratsavoravihanh built in 1560 - 16th century by The King Setthathilat to commemorate the memory of the Chanthaphanithand Jataka stories from Buddhist cosmology. Xieng Thong Ratsavoravihanh, or Volavihan, the "Golden City or Golden Tree Monastery" is the most historically significant and impressive of Luang Prabang's temples a typical Lao Architecture of Morning Alms Giving TourLuang Prabang.Wat Xieng Thong, Luang Prabang Temples

Then enjoy the way along the Mekong River until Wat Wisunalat and the famous Melon Stupa next to Wat Aham, –Wat Wisunalat built during the reign of King Wisunarat (1501-1520) and represents the earliest style referred as Luang Prabang Style ofLao temple architecture And it was rebuilt between 1896 and 1898 and during the reign of King Sakkarin Kamsuk (r. 1894-1903). And enjoy the way along the Nam Khan River until the peninsula, after a stop on the sandbanks of the Mekong confluence.

Next to the Wat Sibounheuang to finish the tour is to visit Wat Sen soukaram (Wat Sen) built in 1718, then take the Electric car to Royal Palace.
After visiting Royal Palace we have one hour for lunch .

11:30am LunchLaos Waterfalls

1:30PM After Lunch and a short rest, we will move to Kuang Si Waterfall. On the way, you will see the picturesque landscape of the country with villages and verdant paddy fields.  Don’t forget to take some nice photos! Kuang Si Waterfall is considered as one of the most attractive destination in Laos. Visitors reaching here will have opportunity to contemplate the natural beauty. If weather permits, we can immerse into the water, swim for entertainment. That absolutely will be a nice experience to visitors. Transfer back to hotel in Luang Prabang

Price USS70 per person

Tour Included:
+ Transfer
+ Tour guide
+ Entrance fee 
+ Dinking water
+ Lunch

Tour Excluded:
- Others not mentioned above
Tour Excluded:
- Drinks
- Others not mentioned above

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