Laos Waterfalls

Tad Sae waterfalls

Alms Giving Experience, Morning Market and Kuangsi falls

Rise up in the very early moning (About 5:10am) by the sound of the temple gong, then meet your guide for a walk through the quiet streets. Watch the
Luang Prabang Alms Givings
Kuangsi waterfalls
daily procession of long lines of young monks walk silently by, collecting sticky rice and other foods in their bronze bowls. The ritual is linked to a Buddhist tradition in which monks beg for their daily food as a way to demonstrate humility.

Alms giving is an important religious act in Buddhism and it must be carried out respectfully by locals and tourists alike. If you would like to be involved in the offering of food, your guide will be more than happy to show you the best way to interact with monks.

Watch as the monks disappear down the road in a long, saffron-colored ribbon. Feel free to take photos, but please use discretion and refrain from using your flash.

Following the alms ceremony, you'll have time to visit Luang Prabang’s morning market, where you will see the locals haggling for fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables. try the food, snack and drink Laos coffee before get back to your hotel with hotel.

09:00am our driver come to pick up for the Kuangsi waterfall tours 

12:30 Arrive your hotel, tour finish

Price US$50 per person

Tour including:
- Offer things in Alms giving cermemory
- Local food / snack / Local coffee
- Shared transfer to waterfall
- Entrance fee
- Tour guide 

Tour excluding:
- Tip for tour guide
- Lunch
- Other things not mentioned in itinerary


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