Night Camping At Pha Kew Lom Viewpoint


It is considered the best viewpoint in the Nong Khiaw area with an experience you will never forget. Suitable for hiking up to see the mountain peaks. Or pitch a tent and watch the stunning sunset, dew, and sunrise in the morning before returning to Nong Khiaw.

DAY 1:
Your Experience Adventure Tour is a 2.5 hour trek. 1:00 PM Start: Meet at the office or take a tuk tuk to pick you up from your guesthouse. Then drop off at the starting point and hikng up to the summit with your local tour guide. On your journey you will pass bamboo bridges, banana forests and deep into the jungle halfway to the top of the mountain to rest. After that, continue your hike at 4:30 or 5:00 PM to reach the top of the
From here you can see a very beautiful sunset. Your local tour guide will prepare dinner.
After dinner, relax and watch the beautiful sunset and dawn.

Day 2: Back To Nong Khiaw
The birds will wake you up early to warm up with coffee. Breakfast to watch the sunrise and
amazing morning dew 07 or 08:00 AM. slowly shrinking back to Nong Khiaw end of trip.

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